Make pub life a bit more interesting with a few lad’s gags, cons and tricks

5 Classic Ways to Get a Friend to Buy You a Drink

Going out to the local bar can get expensive. Instead of paying for all your drinks, trick your friends into paying for some of them with a few classic bar tricks. Below we’ve created a list of 5 classic bar tricks. The tricks are pretty clever, some a little goofy, and they’ll hopefully elicit a laugh from your friends even when they have to pick up your tab — at least if they have a good sense of humor! These Tricks aren’t just good for winning free drinks at the bar either. You can use them at parties to simply entertain and break the ice with people.                                 . Enjoy!

Tab Payers Whiskey shot trick

Tab Payers 2

Tab Payers 3

Tab Payers 4

Tab Payers 5

The five question drinking game is a great bar trick that almost always pays off

Next time you are out with your friends or in a bar, would you like to find a nearly foolproof way to get a free drink out of them?  Well so would we, so we found an ingenious drinking game designed to get your free drinks.  All you have to do is ask them five questions.

Make a bet your friend (or stranger) that if they can answer your next 5 questions wrong you’ll buy them a drink.  Add in the caveat, if they answer even one question correctly, they need to buy you a drink. Sounds easy right? The mark will know  their is some sort of scam, so they will be ready for it. But you have one ace up your sleeve and here’s how to get your free drink.

Start off by asking them 3 questions. Make it easy for them such as
1. What time is it?
2. What city are we in?
3. Who is the Prime minister?

In other words, easy questions for them to miss.

Between questions 3 and 4, ask them, “Are we on question 3 or 4?” or ask them, “OK, ready for the next question? Question number…” and wait for them to answer.

Generally they will answer, “4″ and if they do, you scammed yourself one free drink.

If they are the clever type, they will answer something like, “9″. If they do this, they may have realized what you are doing because they are especially smart or they have played the game before.

So at this point, look a little let down and ask them, “Oh, have you played this before?” If they say “yes” because they have or “no” because they haven’t, then my friend, you can chortle mightily and tell them you have won! They answered the question truthfully, therefore correctly, and tell them your drink preference.

If by chance they actually made it through by answering all the questions wrong, you get to buy your friend a drink, which you would have anyway, because you are a good friend, right?

Cheeky Pub Tricks

A few simple stunts to break the ice or add some amusement to quiet moments

Cigarette Lighter Trick

Find a friend who smokes and challenge them to make a cigarette lighter. Wait till they give up thinking of a possible method. . Now, either take a cigarette from them and break off the end. It’s now ‘lighter.  Alternatively take one cigarette from their pack. The pack is now a cigarette lighter

Try And Win A drink From Your Pals

Challenge a friend in a bar or pub who is sitting down with a nice-looking spirit, say a good whisky or a vodka.

Tell them you are going to do a trick. Place a beer mat over the top of their glass. Now offer them a bet. Say that you will bet  them 50 pence that you can drink their drink without moving or touching their glass or the beer mat. Wait for them to accept this bet which sounds impossible. Now quickly remove the beer mat and drink their drink. Now, hand your astonished friend the coins. You lost the bet, but who cares, that was a cheap drink, eh?                                                               Warning: Make sure that your friend has a sense of humour before trying this stunt.

Another way to win a free drink from your sucker mates is as follows. Bet your friend, the cost of the round of drinks that you could drink two pints of beer before they even manage to finish one shot of spirits.The rules of this feat are that niether you or your friend are allowed to touch the other persons glass. Also explain to them that you have to get a start by drinking one pint of beer, before they lift their drink.

Simply drink the first pint and quickly place the empty pint glass over their shot glass. Continue to drink the second pint at a more leisurely pace and enjoy your free drinks.

Chalk Mark Through Table Trick

Challenge your pals that you can knock two chalk marks on top of a table, straight through the table. For this trick, you will need a table, a piece of chalk and two dumb mates.

After announcing your stunt, to get their attention, make two small chalk marks on top of the table, approximately one centimetre apart. Create some distraction by blabbing on about the difficulty of the stunt that you are about to perform.  At the same time, out of site of your onlookers, rub some chalk on two of the fingernails on your left hand. Next, show both your hands, palm up, to your friends so that they can see that both hands are empty and chalk free. Now place your left hand, palm up against the underside of the table.

Now thump the top of the table with your right hand, on top of the two chalk marks. Now make a fist under the table with your left hand. This movement will transfer the chalk from your finger nails to the centre of your left palm. You can now show your mates your left palm, fooling them into thinking that the chalk marks have travelled through the table. Depending on how gullible your friends are, you can have them baffled for quite a while with this stunt.


Floating Beer Can Bar Trick

Effect: A   beer can can be seen to be stuck in mid air whilst the performer eerily moves his hand from the bottom to the top of the beer can to create the illusion that the can is suspended in mid air.

Preparation: None, the use of either a soda or beer can, oh and slightly greasy fingers may help although not compulsory.

Method: Hold the can in your hand, thumb on one side, fingers on the other, (towards the bottom of the can), simply release your grip slightly and the can will start to slide downwards. When doing this, the hand needs to be gradually but slowly moving upwards, if the timing is right it will create quite a nice illusion that the can is suspended in mid air, the upward movement of the hand needs to be exactly the same as the downwards movement of the can.

Comments: This  is a very simple magic trick. It is all in the timing, therefore it is worthwhile spending some time at home practising. The result should be  a very visual trick which will have your onlookers dumbfounded and maybe they will even pay out a drink for you


Rising Beer Bottle Trick

Effect: Take an ordinary beer bottle, with a flat bottom preferably, as this will make it harder for others to copy your stunt.
Drink the beer first, this is important !!!!
Place the empty bottle upside down on the table.
Place your thumb against the side of the bottle with your fingers over the bottom.
Place either your first finger or middle finger on the bottom of the glass.
Your thumb and first finger should appear to form a right angle or as to close to a right angle as possible.
Slowly pick up the bottle without touching it with your other fingers or anything else.
Once you’ve mastered the trick for this pick-up and performed  it, ask the others with you to try it!!!
Bet a few beers on the outcome !!!

Method: Just before performing this trick, rub your thumb and fingers along the leather belt your wearing to hold your pants up. Do this several times, no one will notice you doing it before the trick.

The leather seems to give your fingers the dryness necessary to allow you to pick up the bottle. If you can dry the bottle, even if only slightly it will also help but it is usually not necessary. (The wetter the spectators bottles are the more impossible it will be for them to pick their bottle up).


This trick has won me MANY rounds in the PUB!!



Men With Beards Shaped Like Animals

Have You Ever Seen Anything So Damn Trendy?


We love beards as much as the next woman – actually, perhaps slightly more than her – so imagine our delight when we stumbled across pictures of bearded men with facial hair shaped like animals.

Yes, there was hysteria.

Animal beard 01


The photos are part of New Zealand shaver brand Schick’s #FreeYourSkin campaign, which encourages men to hack away at their excessive facial hair.

Animal beard 02

According to them, hipster beards have gotten out of control and many men’s facial hair has now “gone feral”. Of course, being a shaver brand, they would say that and we can’t say we agree.

Animal Beard 03

But while we approach any campaign that asks men to cut back their beards with caution, we have to admit the pictures are cute.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

How Wingsuit Flying Works?

wingsuit-flying-1If you’ve ever dreamt of soaring through the air like a superhero, you’re not alone. Dreams of flying­ have captivated human imagination since prehistoric times. Even with the advent of aircraft and the increasing availability of air travel, the ancient question stays with us: What if we could simply spread our arms ­and fly like a bird?

For centuries, early flight pioneers tried to achieve this very feat by attaching artificial wings to their arms and backs. But just as the myth of Icarus ended with the Greek hero falling to his death, history books are filled with tales of enthusiastic pioneers leaping from high places, wings spread — and plummeting back to the Earth.

Today, the dream is a reality. Resembling something between a flying squirrel and a snow angel, the wingsuit allows skydivers and BASE jumpers to leap out into the void, spread their arms and soar through the air.

In a sense, wingsuit flying is a cross between skydiving and hang gliding. Like both of these activities, wingsuit flying requires the flyer to either jump out of an aircraft or off a precipice to achieve a high enough altitude. While hang gliders can coast in for a safe landing, wingsuit flyers have to deploy their parachutes and float the rest of the way to the ground — they simply can’t reduce their speed fast enough for a safe landing without the use of a chute.

But, until the moment they pull their parachute chord, wingsuit flyers can soar horizontally at high speeds and perform aerial acrobatics — all while descending at a rate much slower than that of a typical skydiver.

So, why is this flying and not just falling in a wacky costume? Read on to discover how physics, design and decades of experimentation have allowed wingsuit flyers to own the skies.                                                                                                



Beards Keep You Young, Healthy & Handsome Says Science

Gentlemen, they’re not just for hipsters and the homeless any more. While both dead sexy and totally awesome, beards are also a boon to your overall health. Researchers discovered that men with beards and moustaches actually enjoy numerous benefits including, but not limited to, instant handsomeness.

A study from the University of Southern Queensland, published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal, found that beards block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays, thereby slowing the ageing process and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Got asthma? Pollens and dust simply get stuck in that lustrous facial hair. Additionally, all that hair retains moisture and protects against the wind, keeping you looking young and fresh-faced. What’s more, shaving is usually the cause of ingrown hairs and bacterial infections that lead to acne.

Beard fact diagram

Have you tossed your razor in the trash yet?
To conduct the study, researchers left bearded mannequins, along with less attractive, follically-challenged ones, in the blistering sun of the Australian outback and then compared the amount of radiation absorbed by each.

But don’t forget to take care of those blessed follicles; beards can also spread infection if not properly cared for and make consumption of certain foods (e.g. cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, falafel sandwiches—anything with hummus actually, bagel ‘n’ schmear, syrupy pancakes) rather laborious.

Fuzzy-faced men would be wise to take advantage of beard wash and beard oil, essential tools for looking and feeling your beardy best.                                 

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